About the Importance of Insulation in Nova Scotia

Insulation plays a major role in enhancing your home’s comfort and efficiency. It helps retain the warm air your heating systems are working hard to create, and keeps your home protected from the elements.

However, despite its importance, insultation is often overlooked in Nova Scotian homes. Here’s what you need to know about insulation and how Clean Energy Financing can help you in insulating your home.

How do you know if your insulation needs replacing?

There are a few signs to look for when deciding to add more insulation to your home. For example, if your basement has bare concrete walls insulating them would greatly benefit your home.  If you’ve noticed, despite turning up the heat, that it’s hard to keep your home warm, it might be a sign your home isn’t sealed well enough. Fiberglass batts or blown insulation can help seal your living space walls effectively and create an airtight attic.

What does the term R Value mean?

If you’ve looked into insulating your home, you’ve probably come across the term “R Value.” But what does it mean exactly?

R value refers to the thermal resistance of the insulating material. It measures the material’s capacity to resist heat flow. The higher the R value, the more effective it is.  Typically, R value is measured by inch. For example, a six-inch fiberglass batt usually has a total R value of R-20, which translates to approximately R-3.3 per inch.

The year-round benefits of insulation

Insulation provides comfort and efficiency benefits all year round. In winter, it helps keep the heat inside and cold outside. Similarly, during the summer, insulation keeps the heat out and the cool air indoors. If you have a heat pump or air conditioning (AC), proper insulation becomes even more important. It ensures that your AC units are run efficiently, using less energy to cool your indoor space.

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