Home Energy Upgrade Advice from Our Experts

Measuring the energy efficiency of a home can be complex, and without the right data and training it can be difficult to determine the best options.

When you sign up for Clean Energy Financing, a certified Home Energy Advisor will assess your home and your previous energy use. This assessment provides a detailed overview of your home’s efficiency and suggests improvements that can be made.

Here are some of the common energy efficiency challenges our experts have observed in Nova Scotian homes, along with how Clean Energy Financing can help address them.

What are the energy efficiency challenges in Nova Scotia?

Our Home Energy Advisors have been inspecting homes across the province since 2007, gaining first-hand experience of the challenges facing homeowners. According to Steve Fairbairn, one of our Home Energy Advisors, the cost of energy remains a significant challenge.

“A common energy efficiency problem in Nova Scotian homes is the reliance on fossil fuels, particularly oil, for heating. It’s not an easy thing to get away from,” he says.

Heat pumps can help to reduce dependance on fossil fuel for heating, especially with the provincial and federal rebates currently available. Additionally, there are options for reducing the ongoing cost of electricity.

“Homeowners in Nova Scotia are excited about solar energy because it offers a viable way to recover some or all of the costs associated with electricity usage in your house,” Fairbairn adds. 

How do you know where to start?

Knowing where to begin with energy upgrades can be challenging and understanding the most efficient order of improvements can be daunting. Mike MacKay, Senior Manager of Programs at Clean, offers some recommendations.

“Some homeowners have the misconceptions that installing a mini split heat pump or central heat pump system will solve all of their efficiency needs, but that’s only part of the equation,” he explains.

“To maximize the energy efficiency of a heat pump – which is considerable– the home needs to be properly prepared with insulation and draft proofing to create an environment where the heat pump can operate most efficiently.”

Clean Energy Financing helps address this challenge by only allowing a set of upgrades that achieve a 1:1 debt-to-savings ratio. With the data from the Home Energy Assessment, you’ll receive upgrades that we know will help you save money on your energy and/or bills.


Clean Energy Financing is available in 12 participating municipalities across Nova Scotia. Reach out today to discover the upgrades that can make a significant difference in your home.