Why heat pumps make sense for Nova Scotian homes

It seems like everyone is suddenly talking about heat pumps. Is it because they’re an efficient way to heat your home in winter? Or because they keep you cool in summer too?

It’s both! Here’s why we think a heat pump is one of the best options for Nova Scotian homes, and how Clean Energy Financing can help you start saving now.

Why do we recommend heat pumps? 

Heat pumps move heat from one place to another to make your home warm, rather than warming your home by burning fuel or using waste heat from electric resistance. This technology uses less energy to provide the same amount of heat when compared to other electric options like baseboards.

They also require minimal maintenance–the homeowner only needs to change the filter every few months.

What types of heat pumps are available?

There are two main options for heat pumps through the Clean Energy Financing (CEF) program. A home energy advisor will be able to assist you in finding the right one for your home. The two types CEF recommends are:

Mini-split heat pump  
These are small wall-mounted systems that blow warm or cool air throughout multiple rooms. In some houses it may be beneficial to have more than one placed in various rooms to maximise airflow.  

Ducted heat pumps
A ducted system uses one large heat pump that can distribute heat throughout the home via the ductwork.  There is the option of adding in a fresh air ventilation system to the ducts as well. This option is reserved for houses with existing ductwork as adding new ducts to a home can be expensive.

After a home Energy Advisor conducts an inspection of your home, they’ll provide you with a detailed overview of their recommended energy upgrades for your house, including which heat pump is right for you.

How will a heat pump save me money?

A heat pump should save you money by reducing your electricity bill during the winter months when compared to other electric heating options such as baseboard heating. When using a heat pump to keep your home cool and comfortable over summer, your power bill will be slightly higher over these months. However, the slight increase in summer energy bills is covered by the savings you’ll see over winter, so you’ll still be saving on your energy bills overall.

Find out what heat pump is right for you. Clean Energy Financing is available in participating municipalities across Nova Scotia – reach out today to see how it can save you money