South Shore homeowner saves money on energy bills with Clean Energy Financing

In the District of Lunenburg, Jason’s farmhouse style family home is now even cozier, and a lot cheaper to heat.

Since moving into the home in 2022, Jason and his wife have been picking away at projects. When it came to energy efficiency, Jason decided to register for Clean Energy Financing to make the upgrades more affordable and to get some supporting advice from professionals.

After installing three heat pump heads with two outdoor units, Jason, along with his wife and kids, are enjoying more affordable winter comfort.

“It’s the smartest thing we’ve done in our home so far,” Jason says. “It’s the only program out there that gives you a calculated return on investment to help you make informed decisions.”

The home now has a heat pump on all three levels, so family nights playing drums and video games in the basement are comfy all winter long. The stacked heating effect across all three levels also keeps the upstairs bedrooms just as warm.

Jason appreciated the professional advice he got during the Home Energy Assessment.

“Our home was built in the 1990s. I found out the fundamentals of it are good and that it’s a great asset for our family, which is good peace of mind,” he says.

After looking at his recent power bills since the heat pumps were installed, Jason realized that even with the addition of the repayments it’s still noticeably cheaper than heating the home with oil, and that’s before his rebate cheque arrives too.

“Why wouldn’t we join the program?” he adds with a smile.

Clean Energy Financing is available in 12 municipalities around Nova Scotia. Find out if yours is one and apply today to get home energy upgrades that save you money.