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Clean Energy Financing provides qualifying homeowners in participating Nova Scotia Municipalities with access to low-interest financing for home energy improvements. Contractors can help homeowners by sharing information on resources that can help homeowners better understand what home energy rebates and financing are available to them.

Please note: Clean Energy Financing can only work with contractors with liability insurance and WCB clearance.

Home energy upgrades covered by Clean Energy Financing include:

  • Heat pumps
  • Exterior doors and windows
  • Insulation
  • Draft proofing
  • And more

The program will only finance an upgrade or upgrade package that meets a 1:1 debt-to-savings ratio. This is because the intent of this program is for the cost of clean energy upgrades, program fees, and the cost of borrowing to be less than or equal to the estimated energy savings over the financing period.

Clean Energy Financing Resources for your clients

If you are working with a homeowner who may benefit from Clean Energy Financing, here’s where you can send them for more information:

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